Ninth-grade students of south Davis County and their parents know that last month, the Davis School Board changed the boundaries of Davis, Viewmont, Bountiful and Woods Cross high schools.

To make the transition less stressful, the board also voted to allow current ninth-grade students affected by the changes to choose between the high school they would have attended under the previous boundary and that under the new boundary.For example, students living in West Bountiful will now be going to Bountiful High School instead of Viewmont. But if you are currently a ninth-grader from West Bountiful, you get to choose.

But you have to make your decision and fill out a form by Jan. 17.

Junior high schools have been instructed to notify all ninth-graders affected by the changes. If you haven't been notified and feel you should have been, contact your principal.

The board changed the boundaries to relieve crowding at Davis and Viewmont high schools and to better utilize classroom space at Bountiful High.