The state Air Conservancy Committee may grant a temporary variance next week allowing the Davis County Burn Plant to operate at higher pollution levels while state officials study whether they should raise pollution limits permanently.

David Kopta, an engineer with the Utah Bureau of Air Quality, said the variance will be considered at committee meeting next Tuesday.Bureau officials are considering a new permit that would raise limits on nitrogen oxide release from the plant's stack. Plant operators, however, want to be allowed to release the level of pollution requested in the permit application while air quality officials study the new permit.

The new permit probably wouldn't go into effect until the end of September. Study for the permit will likely be completed in three weeks and then a 30-day period for public comment will open.

The current permit only allows the release of 78 parts per million of nitrogen oxide. The new permit would allow the release of about 250 ppm.

Jim Young, Davis County Solid Waste Management Special Service District manger, said the earlier limits were unrealistic.

Because of current restrictions, 150 tons of garbage a day are being diverted from the burn plant to the nearby Davis County Landfill.