Q.: What do you call a newspaper account of a failed space launching?

A.: An orbituary.Q.: What do you call the dud kernels at the bottom of your popcorn box?

A.: Flopcorn.

"The Game of Sniglets" is a new board game based on comedian Rich Hall's segments on "Not Necessarily the News" on HBO and marketed by the Games Gang, which says it's meant for people who didn't write the dictionary, but should have.

Also new this season from the Games Gang are a 32-player version of its Pictionary game, "Pictionary Deluxe Travel Edition"; a verbal charade game called "Clever Endeavor"; and "The Games Gang's Sentence Game for Juniors," designed to help youngsters build their sentence skills.

-- Board games from Montreal-based Family Games Inc. reflect an interest in the environment and animal rights.

"The Adventures of Oliver and Toes," for 8-year-olds, provides a neighborhood tour for players who encounter various animals in urban environments on their way.

In "Colorful Kingdom," players match animals to their habitats.

-- "My Talking Storybook" is an electronic toy designed for reader interaction with story characters and events. Children can change the story-line or create conversation through a push-button system. From Tiger Electronics.

-- For preschoolers, International Games Inc. has introduced three Sesame Street travel games dealing with the fundamentals of the alphabet, counting and puzzles. Each of the games - I Remember, How Many? and Mix and Match - are designed for one to four players and come in a carrying case for travel.

-- The Pollution-Solution is a board game that lets players determine the environmental fate of their town. When pollution arrives, they learn solutions to stop its spread. This game from Aristoplay is constructed of recycled materials.

-- The Soap Opera Challenge II is the newest TV trivia game from the United States Playing Card Company. Billed as "good, clean fun," this second edition challenges soap opera fans on their memories of shows in the 1980s.

-- Another TV connection is the game of Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition, from Pressman Toys and based on the television game show of the same name.

-- The "Where's Waldo?" books offer puzzles in themselves by challenging readers to look for the hero in busy, complex scenes dreamed up by author Martin Handford. Now the mystery is even more complicated with 100-piece "Where's Waldo? On the Beach" and "Where's Waldo? Safari Park" jigsaw puzzles and a 550-piece "Where's Waldo? Land of Waldo" puzzle. All are from the Great American Puzzle Factory.

-- Play "Big Appleopoly," "San Franciscoopoly," "Albuquerqueopoly," or the game of the city of your choice. These "Citiopoly" games are clones of the famous board game and are from the Elusive Dream Marketing Services. About 40 cities are covered - maybe even the one you live in.