The Chinese and Soviet foreign ministers held talks Friday on the Persian Gulf crisis, and afterward the two reiterated their opposition to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and their demand that it withdraw.

Neither Qian Qichen of China nor Eduard Shevardnadze of the Soviet Union disclosed whether they had reached agreement on the next step to defuse the crisis."Both sides are firmly opposed to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait and demand that Iraq withdraw from Kuwait as soon as possible," China's official Xinhua News Agency quoted Qian as saying after a 90-minute meeting with Shevardnadze in the remote Chinese city of Urumqi, near the two countries' Central Asian border.

Xinhua described the talks as private and said each man was accompanied only by an aide and a translator. Other than the single comment from Qian, it gave no details of the discussion.

Shevardnadze was to leave later for Moscow, the Soviet Embassy said Friday. He arrived in Urumqi Friday morning for the meeting, which was announced only a day before.