Andrew Wyeth says he drew the attention of police while drawing an old house in 1987.

In Connoisseur magazine, he said he studied the scenery from a car for the 1987 painting "Fast Lane," which depicts a dead squirrel on the road in front of the house."I was sitting there one winter's day when I noticed this light blinking behind me," said Wyeth.

"It was a trooper who came over to complain that part of my car was on the highway."

"I told him I wanted to make a drawing. He said, `What you mean, make a drawing! Who do you think you are: Andy Wyeth?'

"I said, `I hate to tell you, but I am.'

"No!" he yelled. `Now, stay right there and sign this paper for my wife, and you can stay where you are.' "

The artist also said that Helga Testorf, the model for his "Helga" collection, still comes to his studio.

"I've never felt I've come to an end with any subject," said Wyeth.