Street signs proclaiming the capital city's main east-west thoroughfare "Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard" have come down.

And signs bearing the name "Market Street" went up in their place last week, the result of a Nov. 6 citywide referendum.Also going up is a call from a coalition of civil rights groups for a boycott of the state capital like the action that has put the economic heat on Arizona for its vote against a holiday in honor of King.

The coalition views the vote by city residents to dump the King designation in favor of the pre-1986 name as racist.

"We were all disappointed," said coalition spokesman Rev. Jefferson Wright of the Second Baptist Church of Harrisburg. "We will plan a new initiative to name a new street. We haven't decided which one."

Last weekend, the coalition sent information about the vote to 40 major newspapers in an effort to get a boycott started.

The model for the proposed boycott was the National Football League's proposed cancellation of the 1993 Super Bowl in Phoenix because the state voted against a holiday for a King birthday.

"We think it should be known beyond the limits of the city," said Wright. "The same reaction that Arizona had to its vote should be applicable here. It's almost the same thing."

Residents voted 56-43 percent in the Nov. 6 referendum to return old name of the street.