"It" gripped viewers and "The Big One" shook them as the two dramas grabbed high ratings last week.

Part 2 of NBC's "The Big One," about a killer earthquake in Southern California, finished third in A.C. Nielsen Co. rankings. Part 1 of Stephen King's "It," about a child-murdering entity, was fifth.ABC's "Barbara Walters Special" finished sixth. It featured Delta Burke's teary rekindling of her feud with the producers of her sitcom, "Designing Women."

For the sixth time of the 9-week-old season, NBC's "Cheers" was the most-watched show on television. "60 Minutes" on CBS was No. 2.

In overall ratings, NBC was first with a 13.4 average. ABC had a 13.3 and CBS an 11.9. Each ratings point represents 931,000 television homes.

Here are the top 10 shows:

"Cheers," NBC; "60 Minutes," CBS; ` `Monday Night Movie: The Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake, Part 2," NBC; "A Different World," NBC; "Sunday Night Movie: Stephen King's It, Part 1," ABC; "The Barbara Walters Special," ABC; "Empty Nest," NBC; "Roseanne," ABC; "America's Funniest People," ABC; "The Cosby Show," NBC.