A Kaysville woman has been ordered to repay more than $45,000 she stole from a video rental chain to support her boyfriend. She will also spend 30 days in the Davis County Jail, a 2nd District judge ordered Tuesday.

Caron Ollis, 24, pleaded guilty to the embezzlement charge, a second-degree felony, and was sentenced Tuesday by Judge Douglas L Cornaby.Defense attorney Steve Vanderlin-den said Ollis was abused as a young girl and left home early. She was then victimized by her boyfriend, who paid attention to her as long as she kept giving him money, Vander-linden said.

Ollis faces prison, Vanderlinden argued, while her boyfriend is facing no legal charges, is attending college, and driving a BMW.

Cornaby said he is sympathetic to Ollis but the theft from the Blockbuster Video chain where she worked was not a one-time event but went on for a protracted period. Giving money to a boyfriend is not an excuse to commit a crime, Cornaby said.

The judge sentenced Ollis to one to 15 years in prison, fined her $2,500, then stayed the prison term. He put her on probation, ordered Ollis to serve 30 days in jail, and ordered her to pay $45,168 in restitution to the video chain.