Mothers Against Drunk Driving and 161 7-Eleven stores throughout Utah are joining efforts again this holiday season to send a message discouraging drinking and driving.

Beginning Nov. 19, red ribbons are being offered to 7-Eleven customers, who are encouraged to "tie one on for safety." Ribbons can be tied to vehicle antennas, outside rear-view mirrors and door handles as a symbol of the driver's commitment not to drink and drive.About 5 million ribbons will be distributed in 7-Elevens and other Southland Corp. stores. More than 81,000 ribbons will be distributed in Utah's stores. MADD chapters nationwide expect to distribute another 25 million ribbons.

"What has made our `tie one on for safety' theme so successful is that this simple red ribbon gives everyone an easy way to show their support," said Kathy Sieverts, president of the Utah MADD chapter.

"It serves as a pledge by the participant not to drive while intoxicated and to encourage friends to do the same."