The City-County Board of Health approved new fees for four services Monday.

The charge for a food handler's license will increase from $3 to $5 and will be good for three years rather than two years. Dr. Joseph K. Miner, health department director, said the new license charge will align Utah County charges with those of surrounding counties. Adding an additional year to the licensing period will reduce the county's workload in processing licenses.The board hiked the fee for swimming pool training and certification from $25 to $35 to cover a $9 increase in the cost of a training manual used in the program.

The charge for a mortgage application search will increase $15 - from $10 to $25. A mortgage application search is conducted to determine what kind of wastewater and water services a property has.

The initial cost of renting child safety seatsfrom the health department is increasing $5. The charge for toddler seats will be $20 and for infant seats$15. The annual rental renewal fee will be $10.

The cost of the HIB vaccine is also going up, from $3 to $12. The health department has received free vaccine to administer single doses to toddlers between 15 and 60 months of age. A $3 fee is charged. It's recommended that the vaccine be given at 2, 4 and 6 months and again at 15 months.

The health department will have to buy the additional doses of the Hib vaccine at $9 a dose and will tack the $3 charge on top of that. Boosters will still be provided at $3.