Idaho sailed through with a record potato crop this year, despite a cold spring and a hot summer that together reduced yields by about four 100-pound sacks per acre.

According to Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service figures, the state's potato production is expected to total 112.3 million sacks, surpassing 1988, a banner year with 102.6 million sacks.The increase in production was due to a record 393,000 acres harvested in 1990. Statewide yield was 286 sacks per acre, the lowest since 1984.

Yield per acre in the 10 southwestern Idaho counties, at 395 sacks, is unchanged from 1989. But in Idaho's other counties, it is estimated at 280 sacks, down five sacks from 1989.

Nationally, fall potato production is forecast at 342 million sacks, up 5 percent from last year and 9 percent above two years ago.