Six government and business representatives from the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic visited Cache Valley Nov. 7-9 as part of a tour of the United States.

Their local tour included Tri-Miller Packing Co., Ritewood Inc., the Utah State University Caine Dairy Research Center, Trenton Feed, Gossner's and the Utah State University Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences.Like many tourists, they stopped in New York City just long enough to find out most of their luggage had been lost. Also like many tourists, they did their share of shopping, eating and sightseeing.

They said through their interpreter, Alex Shlyak, that they especially liked the large selection of western clothing and horseback riding equipment in Cache Valley. Most of them live near the sea, so they were also delighted to find swim suits on sale at one of the local discount stores. The Georgian contingent of five men and one woman came to Cache Valley at the invitation of the M. Dunford Weston family. Dave Weston arranged the tour through his consulting company, North American Agriculture Inc., based in Illinois.

Shlyak said this was a multipurpose tour of the United States. The group is interested in construction of facilities such as grain storage and dairy operations. They are also interested in agricultural marketing and production.

As a result of the trip, a future exchange with the Soviets may include two U.S. Department of Agriculture animal scientists at USU. In a couple months USU hopes to send the scientists to Georgia to teach the Soviets how to use Near Infrared Spectraphotometers (NIRS), which are used extensively in the United States to measure the composition of grains and milk. The Soviets want to set up a lab similar to the one at USU.