The Southern Utah State College Regional Science Fair will take place April 2, 1991, and it's already time to begin preparing, according to Desmond Penny, director of the fair.

Penny is assuming duties for the fair this year while Fred Lohrengel is on a one-year faculty exchange in Vermont. The Senior Fair will be held in the SUSC Centrum and the Junior Fair will be held in the P.E. Gymnasium. The deadline for the receipt of entry forms is March 11, 1991."We have already mailed out information about the coming regional fair to science teachers in southern Utah," Penny said. "If any interested teacher did not receive this information, please call me to be placed on our mailing list.

"Now is the time to begin research for the fair. But before beginning it is crucial that both teachers and students read the rules booklet to ensure that they comply. It is too late to read the booklet after the research has begun," he warned, "because the critical rules are present to ensure the safety of lab subjects from the very beginning of research."

Any student whose research involves vertebrate animals, human subjects, DNA or tissues must complete all the necessary certifications.

"While these certifications can be filled out easily and quickly," Penny said, "the majority of them must be completed before the beginning of the research."

Winners of the SUSC Science Fair are eligible to attend the International Science Fair (ISF) in Orlando, Fla. SUSC covers half the cost of attending the ISF, and local school boards usually cover the other half, Penny said.

For questions about the Scientific Review Committee process, contact Richard Dotson, Southern Utah State College, Cedar City, UT 84720, phone 586-7930. For other information, call Penny at 586-7708.