Grand County and Hurricane have asked the state Community Impact Board to exercise patience when considering their requests for money.

Grand County wants a $1.7 million interest-free loan for a new courthouse and jail, and Hurricane is seeking $500,000 toward construction of a golf course and expansion of an adjacent industrial park.Both projects have encountered difficulties.

Grand County residents voted in late October against increasing property taxes to raise the county's portion of construction costs. The CIB won't loan Grand County the money without a matching local commitment.

Hurricane's original golf course-industrial park developer could not secure private-sector financing.

The new developer then had to conduct a feasibility study that has taken more time than expected.

Hurricane requested another six months to put its plan together.

CIB members aren't anxious to set aside large sums for projects that may never come about but agreed to the extension in hopes that the deal can be finalized.

The board also agreed to keep Grand County's application for another 120 days after County Commissioner David Knutson expressed confidence the public soon will support the project.

He was encouraged that the ballot initiative to raise local funds for the jail failed by only 50 votes, especially since it was a campaign issue in county commission races.