Mary and Floyd Sigler had few things to remember their daughter by after she was killed two years ago in a plane crash.

Then 12-year-old Amanda Sanders, of Liberty, gazing at the fall colors in the mountains where the crash occurred, found the dead woman's wedding ring.Karen Prindle, 26, of Layton, and her husband, John, were killed Oct. 1, 1988, when their small plane slammed into a canyon wall near the Power Mountain Ski Resort.

The craft was shredded by trees and wreckage was strewn over several acres. The bodies were recovered, but the rings were never found.

On Sept. 30, the Sanders girl and her father, Richard, were in the area for the deer hunt.

"She was walking down to look at the pretty leaves," said her mother, Judy Sanders, and had unknowingly wandered into the crash site.

She looked down and saw a dull metal ring, which turned out to be Prindle's engagement ring. She kept looking and finally found the wedding ring, a key and a quarter.

Mrs. Sanders said Amanda didn't have pockets, so she put the rings on her finger and took them home.

Mrs. Sanders located the Siglers in Albuquerque, N.M., by contacting the Weber County sheriff's office. She called them and Amanda sent the rings.

In return, she said, the Siglers sent Amanda a picture of their daughter, a poem Karen Prindle had written when she was 12 years old, and a letter of thanks.

"It is refreshing to know there are still a lot of good young people in this country," the letter said. "God bless you and continue doing the thing you know is right."

She said the Siglers told her that they had few mementos of their daughter.

"She wasn't even looking for them and for her to walk right to it," Mrs. Sanders said. "Something must have told her to look down, and there it was."