When Sevier School District students get their high school diplomas, they will also pick up a warranty.

The Sevier School Board has passed a resolution that attaches the guarantee to the diploma.Putting a warranty on all high school diplomas is bold but is an appropriate way to show accountability, Superintendent Brent Rock said.

"We have confidence in the quality of education we provide our students," he said.

Warranties have been introduced in some schools across the country to guarantee that a graduate has learned the basic skills necessary to perform entry-level jobs. If a graduate can't do so, the schools promise additional training without cost.

In conjunction, the superintendent announced a unique theme that has been adopted in the Sevier District - "PerSevier."

It implies the kind of loyalty that drives people to do their best, Rock said. He added that the theme is exemplified by people who are sensitive to the needs of those around them and make extra efforts to improve situations for everyone in the district.

In further explaining the theme, Rock noted that "per" is a prefix meaning through or thoroughly. "By combining this with the name of the district, we personalize the meaning to persist, to continue to strive in spite of difficulties."