There hasn't been a homicide in Orem for more than a year and a half.

Ted Peacock, Orem director of public safety, said this is more than just another statistic."It is amazing that, in a city the size of Orem, there haven't been more homicides," Peacock said. The last one was in April of 1989.

The statistic was one of the findings in Orem's Public Safety Department's annual report.

And according to the report, the newly installed 911 response system has been able to generate more efficient responses to incoming calls.

There were 37,954 calls to the system during 1989 and 11,674 of them were emergency calls. The average response time for an emergency call is three minutes.

But Peacock feels the best part about the new program is that the officers can spend time doing what policemen should do - help people in every way possible.

According to the report, "The primary duty of a patrol officer is to protect life and property and give the citizens their `money's worth.' "

To do this, many of the officers spend most of their time with duties like unlocking car doors, assisting stalled motorists, and speaking to community groups.

"Twenty-five percent of the workload is investigating car prowls," Peacock said. These are suspicious actions around automobiles.

The report also shows an increase in arrests in past years from 890 in 1980 to 1,292 in 1989. Juvenile arrests increased from 791 in 1980 to 1220 in 1989.

Peacock said he feels this is a result of a slight increase in crime as well as "officers being able to spend more time" working on cases.

There was a large decrease in arrests in 1988 to 588. Peacock said he is not sure exactly why this happened, but it could have been a number of factors from the steady population increase to the increase in traffic accidents which would keep officers from other work.

To meet an increasing work load, Peacock said the department recently expanded to include three new employees in the Investigations Division.

"This has freed up the patrolmen to do other things," he said. They are able to make more contact with the citizens of Orem.

Even now, because of Orem's growth, Peacock said they could still use more help to respond to calls for service.

Daryl Berlin, Orem City manager, said traffic is another growing concern and the Public Safety Department may have to expand to handle that increase.

In 1989, Orem patrolmen made 10,040 traffic stops for various violations such as speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light, and other traffic violations.

Berlin said he feels the numbers will only increase as the population of the city grows.


Crime in Orem

Year Adult arrests

1980 890

1981 848

1982 825

1983 904

1984 1,026

1985 1,066

1986 772

1987 833

1988 588

1989 1,292