Thanksgiving dinner this year for an average group of 10 people in Utah will cost about $32.18, a survey conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation says.

The menu includes turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, peas, rolls, cranberries, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, a relish dish and beverages.A group of 10 in Missouri will pay only $22.47 for the same meal, the lowest price recorded by the study, and the same group in Tennessee will spend $38.91, the highest price recorded.

Throughout the nation, the meal will cost an average of $28.85 for 10 people, up from last year by $4.20.

Despite the increased cost of 42 cents per person, the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal for 10 is still a bargain, federation officials say. The meal's national average cost was higher in 1986 - $29.75.

A higher average price paid for turkey this year accounted for most of the increase in this year's meal price.

Even though there is an 8 percent increase in the supply of turkey across the nation, the wholesale price has increased 4 cents to 6 cents a pound over last year's price. The average wholesale price of hens is 74 cents to 77 cents a pound nationwide, while the wholesale price of small tom turkeys is between 70 cents and 74 cents a pound.

Federation officials say the price increases are due to a growing demand for the bird year-round. Also, other meats are priced higher this year.

The Farm Bureau's Thanksgiving dinner for 10 includes a 16-pound self-basting tom turkey, a 14-ounce package of herb-seasoned cubed stuffing mix, a 30-ounce can of pumpkin pie mix and a package of two nine-inch frozen pie shells.

Also included were three pounds of fresh sweet potatoes; a 12-ounce package of brown-and-serve rolls; a one-pound package of frozen green peas; a half-pound each of fresh carrots, celery and yellow onions; a 12-ounce package of fresh cranberries; a gallon of whole milk; an ounce of coffee; and one-half pint of whipping cream.