. Sidney Poitier has signed a three-movie deal with Columbia Pictures, saying the movies may be minority-oriented.

"There has not been that much emphasis on black-themed films," Poitier gripes. "The degree of . . . representation on the screen for the black community has not been at all commensurate with their numbers in society or at the box office."- Sage Stallone, 14, had never seen his daddy Sylvester cry before they did a scene together in the upcoming "Rocky V."

Stallone tells Redbook magazine he became emotional as Rocky was telling his son that "no matter what happens, I'll never desert you." The scene was similar to one that followed Stallone's real-life divorce in 1985.

- Kathy McWhorter has become the first female millionaire scriptwriter. McWhorter received $1 million from Paramount for "The Cheese Stands Alone," to be produced by Scott Rudin. It's also the first time a romantic comedy script has brought seven figures.

- Actress Jodie Foster says she'll only act in pictures she likes. "I can't participate in movies that I don't believe in or that don't speak to me in some personal way," she told a reporter. "I'd rather stay home. . . . I miss the American movies of the '70s, all about love and hate, jealousy and disappointment. . . ."

- The market for Madonna memorabilia seems to be holding up. A blue silk scarf the singer-actress wore while filming her "True Blue" video went for $714 at a Michigan police auction. The scarf was among other Madonna clothes stolen two years ago from a shopping mall display in suburban Detroit, later recovered by police.