The Provo/Jordan River Parkway Foundation has given $20,000 to Provo City for the construction of a footbridge across the Provo River.

Foundation representatives Herbert H. Frost and Clyde Naylor presented the check to the City Council Tuesday. Frost said the organization has worked for the completion of the parkway since 1972.The planned bridge is part of a bicycle and hiking trail that connects Utah Lake State Park with Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The bridge will be near the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio at about 2230 N. University Ave. The trail switches to the other side of the river at that point.

Many sections of the trail are now complete. From Utah Lake, the trail crosses Geneva Road and proceeds along the Provo River to Columbia Lane. Future construction is expected to take the trail under both Columbia Lane and 500 West, said LeRoy Dennis, director of Provo Parks and Recreation.

The trail picks up again heading upriver from 500 West. The proposed foot bridge will let bikers and hikers cross the river. Frost said from the east side of the river the trail will turn directly east to pick up the trail along University Avenue.

At one time, the Parkway Foundation was funded by the state, said Frost. The foundation raised funds to match grants from city and county governments. The parkway group was organized as a foundation under the direction of former Gov. Scott Matheson.

The foundation is made up of representatives from areas along the Provo and Jordan rivers. The grant for the footbridge was made with full approval of the foundation at Dennis' request.

The Provo/Jordan River Parkway Foundation is not connected with the Provo Canyon Parkway organization that is involved with construction of Highway 189 through Provo Canyon.