Often, convenience comes with a price, and in many cases the price is high fat in unexpected places. Nutritionists say that no more than 30 percent of our total calories should come from fat. This means that if you eat 1,500 calories a day, no more than 500 calories, or 56 grams, should be fat calories.

One of the biggest breakfast food surprises came in the French-toast category. A two-slice serving of Weight Watchers French toast with cinnamon has 170 calories and 4 grams fat; Aunt Jemima Cinnamon French toast with 230 calories and 7 grams fat is well within recommended fat limits. But a serving of Downyflake French toast with 270 calories contains 14 grams fat. What makes it particularly risky is the fat source listed on the label: either palm oil or hydrogenated palm oil.Make French toast in a non-stick pan or bake it in a seasoned waffle iron with a spritz of cooking spray. When made in quantity (who wants to make one piece?) allow the slices to cool, stack with a sheet of wax paper between each, wrap well and freeze. Total fat calories in each slice: less than 3.

Swanson's Great Starts scrambled eggs and sausage with hashed brown potatoes contains 420 calories and 34 grams fat; Great Starts scrambled eggs, home-fried potatoes and three slices of bacon add up to 340 calories and 26 grams fat. By skipping the meat and opting for a Great Starts Budget Breakfast of scrambled eggs and home-fried potatoes, the calories drop to 280 and the fat is reduced to 21 grams.

It's even faster to cook a fresh egg (5.5 grams fat raw) in the microwave in 90 seconds and the only added fat needed is cooking spray. Or nuke an egg substitute (0 grams fat). Toss sliced cooked potatoes with 1 teaspoon oil and saute in a non-stick pan. Total grams of fat: about 5.

It's difficult to bake a moist muffin without fat. Comparing Weight Watchers blueberry muffins (5 grams fat, 170 calories), Pepperidge Farm oat-bran muffins (8 grams fat, 200 calories) and Sara Lee oat-bran muffins (8 grams fat, 210 calories) it was noted that in the last two muffins, almost one-third the calories came from fat. Considering their small size, there is a temptation to eat two.

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