Brad's back, and Utah County's got him.

Two years ago, Brad's Frostop, 504 N. Main, closed and was replaced by another fast-food restaurant. However, evidently residents and local patrons missed the Frostop so much that they got their wishes - Brad Backman once again owns it, and he's brought back some of his original workers, as well as the food that made the Frostop a unique attraction.For example, the restaurant is again offering its unique specialty sandwiches and salads - such as the Mojo, the Deadeye, the Barnyard and the Barbie Salad - all of which take a traditional hamburger or sandwich idea, and spice them up - with sourdough buns, green peppers, cheese and mushrooms, or something out of the ordinary - like the Frostop's special sauce.

Backman, "who really loves horses," even has one sandwich named after him - the Buckaroo Burger, manager Keri Lee said.

"We just have a lot of fun with this menu. Everything we used to offer is back, and everybody just seems to love it.

"Everybody just seems to be tickled that we're selling some of our strange things again," Lee said. "Some of the sandwiches used to do really well, and people said that's why they came in all along."

The Frostop also offers what it advertises as "the world's largest soft ice cream cone" and other confections that have business booming again, she said.

With the original menu in place, it only seemed obvious that Backman - who has lived in Idaho since he originally sold the restaurant and is commuting between there and Spanish Fork during mid-week - rehire some of the old help and restore the old chemistry, as it were.

Consequently, Lee is once again managing the Frostop and one experienced cook has been coaxed out of retirement by Backman, she said.

"He's even hired the little sisters of some of the high school help we once had in the Frostop. The original girls are now in college, but he wanted to bring back some of the old spirit."

"He was initially kind of hesitant about taking it over, but with the tremendous community support we've had, I think he's starting to really enjoy it again."

In fact, to celebrate the Frostop's successful reopening, Backman is holding a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" day on Saturday, Nov. 24, Lee said.