Exposed as lip-syncing frauds, the Milli Vanilli duo say that rather than come clean about the sham, they once took a dialect coach on tour with them to help them shed their foreign accents.

"Every time we gave an interview, the reporters would hear my French accent or Rob's German accent and they'd say, `No way. How could these guys have sung the songs?' " Fabrice Morvan said in Wednesday's Los Angeles Times."We didn't want to do any more interviews," said his partner, Rob Pilatus. "The more we talked, the worse things got."

Dialect Accent Specialists in Los Angeles was hired in August 1989 and paid by Arista Records to accompany Pilatus and Morvan and help them sound more like the singing voices they mouthed on their hot-selling album, they told the Times.

On Monday, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences stripped Milli Vanilli of its Grammy after its producer confirmed rumors that Pilatus and Morvan were just front men on the album that won them best new artist honors in February.

The pair met reporters Tuesday and heaped blame on their German producer, Frank Farian. They claimed he took advantage of them when they were down and out in Munich.

"We were seduced, we were abused and we felt very guilty," Pilatus said.

The deception began to unravel at a 1989 concert when their audio system playing the album "Girl You Know It's True" started to skip like a broken record, the Times reported Wednesday. The recording at the Bristol, Conn., show kept rerunning the lyrics: "Girl you know it's, Girl you know it's . . ."

"I knew right then and there it was the beginning of the end for Milli Vanilli," Pilatus told the newspaper.

Pilatus and Morvan, both 25, said at Tuesday's news conference that they had been pressing Farian to let them sing on the next album.

Their album sold 7 million copies and made the two unknowns international stars. Pilatus said it featured vocalists Johnny Davis, Brad Howell and Charles Shaw.