Akeem Olajuwon says that having to face Patrick Ewing twice a season is enough so that he has no desire for more matchups with him.

A couple more meetings like the one the All-Star centers had Tuesday night, and Olajuwon might change his mind.Olajuwon was 14-for-19 from the field and outscored Ewing 30-14 as the Houston Rockets routed the New York Knicks 115-88.

"I don't think you can use the word dominate," Olajuwon said of his matchup with Ewing, who was 5-for-16 from the field but outrebounded Olajuwon 11-5. "Just let the stats speak for themselves. I don't want to say too much because Patrick still has to go to Houston this season."

Asked if he would like to play against Ewing and the Knicks more than twice a season, Olajuwon said, "I have to face David Robinson all the time, so I'm happy I only have to face Patrick twice."

In their eight previous meetings since 1986, Olajuwon and Ewing were virtually even in points and the Knicks and Rockets won four games apiece.

"It's natural for people to focus on the head-to-head matchup between us, but that's not what's important to us," Olajuwon said. "What's important is that we won, and you have to keep that in focus because this is a team sport."

"This was a nightmare," Ewing said. "We didn't play well at all and we got blown out."

Ewing, averaging 28.4 points in the Knicks' first eight games this season, has just 26 in his last two outings. Gerald Wilkins led New York with 17 points against the Rockets.

"Akeem is a great player," Ewing said. "He's great in the low post and very quick. I look forward to playing him because he's one of the best players in the league, but I don't pay attention to the hype."

"In our other two home losses I held my head high because we played well, even though we lost," Knicks coach Stu Jackson said. "But I'm real disappointed in the way we played tonight. I was very surprised we played this poorly."

"We were determined to win on the road since this was the first game of a four-game trip," Olajuwon said.

Kenny Smith scored 9 points and Olajuwon 8 in the first period when the Rockets used 13-2 and 10-2 runs to build a 28-21 lead. Houston then held the Knicks to 6 points in the final 8:31 of the second quarter to extend a 4-point lead to 16 at halftime.