Security officers have arrested 28 leftist leaders on charges of plotting armed revolution and instigating violent labor and campus protests, police and new reports said Wednesday.

Police said that since the crackdown began last month, 13 radical student and labor leaders have been arrested on charges of organizing the Workers Struggle League, with 170 members at 60 factories in five cities.Police said the group has sought an armed revolution led by students and workers to topple the government of President Roh Tae-woo and establish a communist state.In other news . . . THE TOLL from Typhoon Mike's two-day rampage through the central Philippines has risen to 335 dead and 205 missing. . . . A STATE OF emergency declared after ethnic violence flared in the Central Asian republic of Kirghizia in June has been lifted. . . . GENERAL MOTORS CORP. is recalling about 520,000 1989-90 cars because of a faulty switch that can keep the brake lights from going on and the cruise control from turning off. The recall affects certain 1989-90 Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supremes, Buick Regals and 1990 Chevrolet Lumina cars.