Assailants firing automatic rifles Wednesday killed a South African police officer and seriously wounded his partner in a black township outside Cape Town.

Authorities reported five killings in separate incidents, including a black man shot by police near Johannesburg.Police offered a $4,000 reward for help in capturing the killers of the police officer, Constable Frans Van Der Merwe, who was shot in Khayelitsha township outside Cape Town. Cartridges from assault weapons were found at the scene, police officials said.

They said Van Der Merwe and his partner were patrolling the area when they came under fire before dawn. The partner, who was not identified, was in stable condition in a Cape Town hospital.Daily News sues 11 in strike violence NEW YORK (AP) - The Daily News took a new tack in the nearly monthlong strike against the tabloid by suing 11 people accused of burning a delivery truck, stealing bundled papers or attacking replacement drivers.

Evidence in two of the three lawsuits filed in state court Tuesday includes videotapes made by management, newspaper spokesman John T. Sloan said.

Each lawsuit seeks $100,000 in punitive damages and unspecified compensatory damages. They claim defendants hurt the paper's ability to do business.