Industrial Indemnity, a Crum and Forster company providing insurance, has presented $100,000 to the Larry H. Miller Group, parent company of a series of automobile dealerships in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, as a reward for minimizing on-the-job injuries.

Miller and Industrial Indemnity have designed a comprehensive employee safety program that helps workers avoid injuries.Miller, who also owns the Utah Jazz and Salt Lake Golden Eagles Hockey Club, offers regular employee seminars on avoiding injuries. This is particularly important for those who work in automobile repair shops where mechanics often work beneath 3,000-pound vehicles.

"We definitely believe that training and safety education are important reasons why we have top people. By emphasizing training and safety as much as we do, we get a dual benefit: The employee acquires important information, and they recognize that we are concerned for their development and welfare," said Miller.

Don Dyson, insurance broker for the Miller Group, said Miller attracts and retains top people and his workers' compensation insurance costs are controlled, Industrial's costs are minimized and employees are happier and healthier.