The bodies of a Salt Lake man and woman were found Monday in the wreckage of an experimental aircraft that had been reported missing after failing to arrive as scheduled at the Wendover Air Show.

Utah Civil Air Patrol Lt. Col. Jerry Well-man said Bruce Pounder, 41, and his wife Ka-tie, 29, both 2029 E. 3580 South, Holla-day, were killed when the home-built, single-engine aircraft in which they were flying went down just west of the Cedar Mountains and north of I-80, about halfway between Salt Lake City and Wendover.Wellman said eight planes were dispatched Monday to search for the two-seater Falco-brand aircraft. Wreckage was spotted about 2 p.m. Monday by the CAP.

Wellman said the CAP consulted Monday with the FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center, where radar tapes indicating the plane's last location were replayed.

Tooele County deputy sheriffs were dispatched to the site, and the two bodies were found in the wreckage about 2:45 p.m.

CAP officials said the plane probably crashed about 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

FAA officials are investigating why the aircraft crashed vertically in a nose-dive position in apparently clear weather. Tooele County deputies reported they have never seen a similar crash pattern. All of the wreckage was contained within a few yards of the point of impact, and the engine was buried two feet into the desert floor.

The aircraft was considered experimental by FAA standards and was built from a kit. One of the CAP members said he had inspected the aircraft Sunday and told deputies he believed the aircraft was in "perfect" condition.

The CAP began the search about noon Monday after receiving reports that the couple had never arrived at the Wendover Air Show as scheduled.