The federal government believes Leonardo Contreras-Subias, who is sought for questioning in the murder of a federal drug agent, was involved with a man named Sergio Lobos in a drug deal in Salt Lake City.

Contreras-Subias has been wanted since 1980 on charges of conspiracy to distribute a narcotic and failure to appear for a hearing. A suspect who federal officials say is Contreras-Subias was arrested Saturday in a Salt Lake restaurant.The man denied he is Contreras-Subias, giving another Spanish name during an appearance before U.S. Magistrate Ronald N. Boyce. In a hearing set for 4:30 p.m. Thursday, the government is to show Boyce proof, if it has any, that the man is Contreras-Subias.

Contreras-Subias is wanted for questioning in the kidnapping and murder of drug agent Enrique Camerena, who was killed in Guadalajara, Mexico.

On Tuesday, the U.S. attorney's office filed a complaint seeking to confiscate $10,525 in currency that is kept in an account at Citibank, 2 S. Main. The account is listed under the name `Sergio Lobos.'

The complaint specifically asks for copies of the confiscation petition to be served on Contreras-Subias at the Salt Lake County Jail. People who think they have a legitimate claim on the money should respond in court.

Asked whether the government believes that Contreras-Subias was using the alias of Lobos, Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph W. Anderson said, "We believe that other fellow (Lobos) acted for him."

Anderson wrote in an affidavit that the money, "the proceeds of illegal drug transactions . . . was furnished or intended to be furnished in exchange for a controlled substance."