Precipitation at the U.S. weather station in Richfield during the just-ended water year was about 3 inches below the long-term average.

The station at KSVC/KKWZ recorded 5.43 inches from Oct. 1, 1989, through Sept. 30, 1990. The amount was also less than the previous year by .53 inch. Measurable precipitation was recorded 60 days during the water year.June was the wettest month with slightly more than 1 inch, most of which fell in one day. June 11 had the heaviest rainfall of any single day, at .57 inch.

The least precipitation was in December, almost immeasurable at only .01 inch.

Temperatures were more moderate than in the preceding year, particularly on the lower end of the thermometer. During the past water year, the lowest temperature was a minus-8 degrees on Feb. 16. About a year prior to that, temperatures plunged to minus 33 degrees. The highest temperature of the year was 96 degrees, recorded on two dates, June 22 and 26.

Monthly precipitation during the water year was as follows: October, .53 inch; November, .21; December, .01; January, .07; February, .45; March, .91; April, .65; May, .15; June, 1.04; July, .32; August, .28; and September, .81.