Orem Community Hospital:

Bischoff, Robert Douglas and Dalene, Orem, boy.

Browning, Steven and Sherry K., Provo, boy.

Dawe, Ian M. and Marlo E., Orem, boy.

Eagar, Bradley and Tracy, Orem, girl.

Flores, Gonzalo and Therese, Provo, boy.

Heywood, Carl and Candace, Orem, boy.

Lee, Bik and Shelene M., Provo, boy.

Low, Christopher and Saori, Provo, boy.

Mason, Charlie and Amy, Provo, girl.

Michelsen, Jeff C. and Joann, Provo, boy.

Nash, Keith and Lynn, Provo, boy.

Painter, Timothy and Nancy, Orem, boy.

Richards, Galen H. and Heidi, Provo, girl.

Rioljas, Araceli and Cynthia, Orem, girl.

Slover, Tom and Mary C., Provo, boy.

Taylor, Patrick and Ruby L., Midway, girl.

Thomas, Michael and Tara, Provo, boy.

West, Maurice and Shelly, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Wing, Lee Brent and Lynn, Springville, girl.