State Division of Parks and Recreation officials want to operate two training sites for off-road vehicles in Utah County, but county officials have not yet found suitable locations.

The training sites would provide a course where people could learn how to operate off-road vehicles safely. The training would also involve instruction about off-road vehicle laws and courtesy.County Engineer Clyde Naylor said the training sites would be controlled by the state and the state would be responsible for liability. He said the sites would use about 300 square feet of property.

Naylor recommended placing the sites at Lincoln Beach on the south end of Utah Lake and in the north end of Willow Park, west of Lehi. But county commissioners said training sites would not be compatible with those two locations.

They said a site at Willow Park would be hazardous and disrupt the park's environment. Placing one at Lincoln Beach would encourage off-road vehicle users to use the entire shoreline. The commissioners instructed Naylor to search for a location that would not disrupt other uses near the site.