A Salt Lake woman was arrested Sunday after a rampage that included attacks on two people with a knife, dangling a 2-year-old child off a balcony and starting a fire.

Police said the woman apparently went berserk because her husband came home late.Sunday afternoon, the 28-year-old woman's husband was attacked with a knife and his hands and face were cut, according to police. The man then jumped off his second-story balcony to avoid further injury.

One of the husband's friends was chased and cut with a knife before he was able to escape.

The woman picked up a 2-year-old boy and held him by his feet over the balcony for more than a minute, a police report said.

The woman then brought the child back inside the apartment near 200 South and 1500 West and started a pile of clothing on fire. When police arrived, they heard somebody yelling "Fire!" Officers kicked down the door and arrested the woman.

She was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of child abuse, aggravated assault and aggravated arson.