U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Greene ordered David Lynn Stevenson to pay fines totaling $700 and serve two years probation in connection with selling stolen military explosives.

Stevenson, 40, of Layton, pleaded guilty in September to sale of explosive material, an indictment handed down from the grand jury. He was accused in connection with a federal undercover operation "Punchout." The sting operation was designed by the FBI, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the Air Force's Office of Special Investigation, to stop thefts at Hill Air Force Base."You've had a life of otherwise no blemish," Greene told Stevenson in handing down the lenient sentence on Monday.

Federal guidelines recommended a six-month to one-year sentence for the indictment, with a maximum 10-year sentence. But Greene said he would depart from the guidelines, based on Stevenson's exemplary history.

He ordered Stevenson to pay a $500 fine, restitution of $150 to the FBI and a $50 victim-assessment fee. "Good luck, Mr. Stevenson," Greene said. "I'm sure you're going to succeed."

Defense attorney Jo Carol Nesset-Sale said no societal purpose would be served by sending Stevenson to jail. He showed his good faith in his willingness to help the prosecution, she said.