Alpine School District's fall enrollment figures show a 1.7 percent increase over last year, a trend that the district has faced for the past several years.

This year's figures show the district's enrollment at 38,285, or 637 more students attending the district's 44 school than last year. Ten years ago the district's enrollment was 26,674.The district has 21,714 elementary students, 9,254 junior high students and 7,667 senior high students. The remaining students attend specialized programs.

Northridge Elementary is the district's largest elementary school with a student population of 1,101, followed by Bonneville Elementary with 1,082 students. Cedar Valley is the smallest with 63 students.

American Fork Junior High School has the most junior high students with a population of 1,837. Canyon View is next with 1,821. Lehi is the smallest with 1,093.

Mountain View High School is the district's largest high school with 1,991 students. Orem High is second with 1,842 students. Lehi is the district's smallest with 769 students.