Two of Juab County's commissioners agreed to approve spending $14,900 for vehicle already funded in the sheriff's department budget despite the objections of one commission member.

Commissioner Richard Brough objected to the purchase because he thought the timing was inappropriate "in light of what is going on in the county" and said the vehicle isn't needed.Commission chairman Joseph Bernini said the item "is already in the budget and the budget is not overspent. I don't see how we could deny it."

Bids for the new vechicle had been opened when Brough asked for a copy of the expenditures of all departments. He said Sheriff Dave Carter's budget was at 80 percent expenditure for the year. Most of the other budgets, he said, were at 70 percent expenditure.

"That was due to a mistake in the clerk's office," said Carter.

Last year, however, Brough said the sheriff's budget had been overspent by $2,400, which Carter said wasn't excessive for a budget of $400,000. "I think we should wait," said Brough.

The money had been planned into his budget. The amount was cut to $10,000 and the remaining $5,000 was to come from money obtained through seizures, fines and other drug arrest-related forfeitures.

Carter said the vehicle needed to be replaced. Brough asked why the sheriff had not presented the bids at the last commission meeting. Carter said he had not had the bids.