Utahns will have a lot of personal interest in the 1988 Olympic Games when the international event opens in Seoul, Korea, in September. Five Utahns will be on the U.S. team - three in track and field, one in gymnastics, and one in archery. This is the largest Utah contingent that has ever gone to the games.

The three track and field entrants, Doug Padilla, Henry Marsh and Ed Eyestone, are old hands, all in their 30s, who because of health and other distractions, had been considered in the waning days of their careers.But to the surprise of many, they pulled it together in the Olympic Trials and won berths on the U.S. team - Padilla in the 5,000 meters; Marsh in the steeplechase, and Eyestone in the marathon. Their resurgence will make them sentimental favorites, even if they don't rank high in the Olympic odds.

The other two Utahns are at the other end of the scale in age - Missy Marlowe of the gymnastics team at 16, and Denise Parker, the archery sensation, who is only 14.

All of them, younger and older, have skills and ability. But they also have the determination it takes to be numbered among the world's best, whether they win any Olympic medals or not.

Utah will be superlatively represented in the 1988 Olympics by this quintet - and so will their country. We are proud of all of them and congratulate them for their remarkable achievements. We wish them success and the chance to be their best. That's all anyone can ask.