Nebo School Board officials say they do not want students who are participating in school activities to solicit local businesses for funds.

At Wednesday's meeting, the board expressed displeasure at Spanish Fork High School's basketball team for asking businesses to help fund the team's trip this week to Hawaii. Board members said that when team officials requested permission for the trip in June they said the trip would be paid for with money collected from fund-raising projects and team member contributions.Board President Collin Allan said the basketball team is not the only offender. He said he has received three letters from local businesses complaining about various school organizations soliciting funds.

"I think we really have a problem," Allan said. "Groups are continually coming to the business community for everything that comes along."

Board member William White said the district needs to set a policy banning such solicitation. In July the district adopted a policy banning door-to-door solicitation for school fund-raising projects. The district also adopted a policy limiting the out-of-state trips an organization can take.