About 100 Marine reservists who drill at Tooele Army Depot will be shipping out for Camp Lejeune, the Marines' large base in North Carolina, in about five days.

The activation of the reservists serving with Company C, 4th Light Armored Vehicle Battalion, 4th Marine Division (Reinforced) is part of the nationwide call-up of reserve units because of the Iraq crisis. The move was announced Monday.Maj. Ronald Canale, their commander, said Monday that the Marines "will be afforded the maximum possible time for personal preparations before departing."

Families and employers of those leaving are invited to attend a meeting at Tooele Army Depot Community Club, on the base at Tooele, starting 8 p.m. on Nov. 23. They will be briefed about the activation, he said.

Corps spokesmen did not say whether the company will stay at Camp Lejeune or continue on to the Middle East.

The company has trained at Rush Lake, near Stockton, Tooele County. There the reservists have practiced storming ashore from light armored vehicles.