Life Story

Age: 69

Born: Viborg, S.D.

Family: Wife, Bula; 4 children; 16 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren

Education: Eight years of formal education in South Dakota with all eight grades in one room with authorization for the teacher to use a large stick. Graduated from several schools while in the service. Also graduated from the Auctioneering School in Billings, Mont.

Occupation: Line driver for IML Freight


Size: 14 square miles

Population: 6,800

Budget: $1.2 million.

Number of Employees: 17, including the Draper Police Department

Mayor's salary: $333.33 per month per diem


Politics: Democrat

First "real" job: Phillard Construction/High-line Construction Co.

Management style: Delegate authority to department heads

Why I like being mayor: The challenge of helping people find ways to solve problems.

Why I hate being mayor: I don't.

Recipe for success: I really like people. I have never met a stranger. I have a sincere interest in everything that is happening in Draper.

A memorable failure: None.

Heroes: Gen. George Patton. He was an extremely brilliant strategist. The only thing bad about him was he was in the U.S. Army and not in the Marine Corps.

Leisure: Riding, buying and selling horses; square dancing.

Favorite book: "Loud and Clear" (a book about airplanes)

Favorite movie: "Red River" with John Wayne