Mrs. Prindable of Skokie, Ill., has introduced two new lines of handmade confectionary - just for kids.

Mrs. Prindable's hand-dipped Apples for Kids and Mrs. Prindable's chocolate-covered Caramels for Kids feature the following flavors: Chocolate `n Candy, Cookie Crunch, S'More Jr., Lots o' Chips, Chewy Chocolate Raisins, Peanut Butter `n Chocolate, Triple Chocolate `n Sprinkles, Clownin' Around and Holiday Time.The apples and caramels are sold in sets of two, each containing one Clownin' Around or one Holiday Time and one of the other flavors. The products will be available in stores nationwide.

The company says it will donate a portion of the proceeds from these two products to the Parent Teachers Association, the National Education Association and Project Literacy U.S.

- Suggested retail price for Mrs. Prindable's Apples for Kids is $22. Suggested retail price for Mrs. Prindable's Caramels for Kids is 10.50.