Israeli warplanes raided a Palestinian radio station and other guerrilla posts in southern Lebanon Tuesday, killing three persons and wounding 12, police said.

Witnesses said six fighter planes rocketed the Voice of Jerusalem radio station, which broadcasts propaganda programs to Palestinians fighting against Israeli rule in occupied territories.

They said the bombardment smashed a large antenna but failed to halt transmission of programs on the radio's medium-wave frequency.

The jets also bombed a training camp for the Palestine Liberation Organization's mainstream Fatah movement in the hills around the Miyeh Miyeh refugee camp and the villages of Jinsnaya, Ain al Dilb, and Saroubiyeh, east of Sidon.

Clouds of black smoke billowed into the sky as a number of cars were set ablaze by rockets. Lebanese Red Cross ambulances and civil defense workers rushed to evacuate the wounded but were hampered by the continuing air strikes.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli military spokesman confirmed the raid on the radio station and said all attacking planes returned safely to their bases.