Donations of $400 have been sent to a man who spent 10 months in jail and prison after being wrongfully convicted of kidnapping a Deweyville girl.

A bank account was opened for Frank Harvey, 45, of Washington state, at the beginning of the summer by a Brigham City woman who wanted to show Harvey that people in Box Elder County care.Harvey was arrested several hours after the 6-year-old girl was released in Malta, Idaho, after being taken from a middle school in Garland March 25, 1987. He fit the general description the girl gave of her kidnapper.

He was held in Box Elder County Jail until his jury trial. After being convicted, he was sentenced to 16 years in Utah State Prison. After serving four months of his sentence, Harvey was granted a new trial and released from custody on his own recognizance.

A second man was arrested June 1, 1988, on identical charges of child kidnapping, sexual abuse of a child, and aggravated kidnapping. That same day all charges against Harvey were dropped.

The woman who opened the account for Harvey asked to remain anonymous to avoid publicity. She was a member of a Presbyterian congregation in Brigham City. The Rev. Richard Lawson was convinced of Harvey's innocence and told his congregation of Harvey's plight.

Harvey called his benefactor several times from Washington state. The first time he was sleeping in an orchard while trying to find work, but was having no luck because "his bad reputation from the kidnapping charges and trial had followed him."

During his second phone call, Harvey said he was in Seattle where he was receiving help finding a job and a place to live from the Presbyterian congregation on one of the university campuses.

Harvey's benefactor decided to leave the bank account open, allowing others who want to contribute to do so. The account is in First Security Bank, Forest and Main St., Brigham City, UT 84302.