DEAR ABBY: Our "Adopt a Unit" effort is in full swing. The volunteers from Taco Bell have opened and processed more than 5,000 letters from schools, groups and communities all over the United States who are "adopting" units and ships. From Africa to Asia, Europe to the Persian Gulf, and including surface ships on three oceans, your readers are at work for "their" units or ships.

Now, as we have done together since 1985, all Dear Abby readers will have a chance to send holiday cheer directly to U.S. troops overseas. Here are their addresses:For aircraft carriers at sea, cards, letters and packages can be addressed to "Dear Sailor" or "Dear Friend":For troops in the Persian Gulf, readers sending PACKAGES may wish to contact their local post office for any current customs guidelines. For cards and letters to individuals OTHER THAN friends and family members (in other words, cards and letters not intended for a specific servicemember):Abby, thanks to you and your readers, Operation Dear Abby/America Remembers Campaign rolls into another holiday season of sending cheer and caring to every corner of the world, to many thousands of U.S. troops in 36 countries! - DONALD P. GRIMES, NATIONAL CHAIRMAN, AMERICA REMEMBERS CAMPAIGN

1990 Universal Press Syndicate