The Provo School Board once again addressed what board president David Weight referred to as the "eternal thorn in the side" for the board - district office parking.

The board approved preliminary plans for a controversial parking lot north of the school district offices.The parking lot will take the place of some green space, said Superintendent Kay Laursen, but with restricted parking imposed on surrounding streets, the school district cannot postpone a solution.

Laursen cited a letter from Raylene Ireland, chairman of the Provo City Parking Committee and Mayor Joe Jenkins' administrative assistant, that announced the city would limit weekday parking on the streets near district offices.

The city and many Provo residents have argued against a parking lot moving into Fox Field, a grassy area north of district offices.

The parking lot would extend 65 feet to the north, providing double-row parking for 70 stalls. The estimated cost is $1,000 per stall, Laursen said.