We all hear of people and events that will "put Utah on the map."

Now Utah's returning the favor.The Utah Council of Teachers, the Utah Humanities Council and Utah State University are bringing out a map - "Literary Utah." The map is laced with the names and hometowns of prominent Utah writers. It's a three-prong project, with the map and postcards and a book being released together.

Twelve authors have been selected for special recognition. Their photos are on the map and special postcards have been issued featuring their features.

Lucky winners include: Zane Grey, Bernard DeVoto, May Swenson, Edward Abbey, Fawn Brodie and Juanita Brooks. Six living writers are pictured; four children's writers (Margaret Roskowski, Ivy Ruckman, Dean Hughes and Barbara Williams), along with poet David Lee and novelist Wallace Stegner.

"It's been an enormous project for the people involved," says G. Barnes of the Utah Arts Council. "It was undertaken for the schools, but we're already seeing others use it as a resource and a primary source.

"Many projects like this are never undertaken because people are afraid they'll leave someone out or get the information wrong. And this is not the final word on the subject, but it is an attempt to get a few things down."

Joyce Kinkead of the University of Utah wrote the preface and Helen Cannon at Utah State University added an introduction.

"Writers obviously are not plants, yet just as a map of Utah flora presents a surprising diversity and number, so Utah, erroneously thought by some to be literarily and botanically sparse, proves to be abundant and unique in letters as well as in plant species," writes Cannon. ". . . The authors here must have publications in book form, which sadly excludes many fine authors, editors and journalists."

For more information on the map, cards and book, call the Utah Humanities Council or the Literary Division of the Utah Arts Council at 533-5895.