Remember the chocolate doughnut scene in "Kramer vs. Kramer"? That was Entenmann's Bakery in action as it has been since 1898. Now appearing at Smith's, Entenmann's newest product is a totally fat-free pastry. The raspberry, lemon and apple cinnamon twist cakes cost $3.49 for the 15 oz. package. A 1.1-oz. slice contains 100 calories.

Kay Hadley: "The Original Entenmann's Lemon Danish Twist is very good. It is a light, but rich and flaky pastry.The new fat-free Lemon Twist is also good. The pastry has more of a bread-like texture and even though the original features that rich Danish pastry flavor, we'll opt for the new fat- and cholesterol-free variety."

Don Russell: "Entenmann's is fat free, but not free of cost. Its hefty $3.49 price tag jumped out at me before I tested the product. The pastry seemed on the dry side, which is to be expected, but I certainly liked the sweet and fruity flavor of the apple filling."

Doris Wilding: "It was a nice break to have something good to eat with the rest of the family. Entenmann's fat-free pastry was not exactly like what you'd find in the bakery, but it's a good substitute for those watching fat content."

Judy Slack: "This Entenmann's pastry is just a titch dry but it's pretty good. It's a nice treat, but at $3.49 I don't suppose I'll be buying it again."

Edyth Jensen: "We had the raspberry Entenmann's and the whole family really enjoyed it. It was good as well as being fat-free. It's a bit expensive for my budget but I will buy it occasionally."

Conclusion: Dieters will find that Entenmann's Danish twist cakes are wonderfully rich if a little on the dry side. But you may find the price a little too dear.

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