A Clearfield man - released from prison Thursday to attend an arraignment - escaped from authorities but was later apprehended.

The prisoner, Mark David Woodland, 20, was in the courts area of the government complex, 140 E. Center Street, around noon, being arraigned on two counts of auto theft, when he escaped, said Clearfield police.The man apparently ran away when a bailiff unlocked his handcuffs so that he could sign some legal documents, they said.

Woodland apparently ran out of the courtroom through the rear fire door and initiated a chase in which more than 10 officers participated.

The escapee then jumped the fence of the police department, assaulted a woman who owned a nearby dry cleaners and stole her car to escape.

The man was apparently trying to make it to the freeway when a Utah Highway Patrol trooper saw him at an intersection and initiated the chase that ended at the Freeport Center, an industrial park.

The four-mile chase hit speeds of 100 mph, police said. Woodland skidded off a loading dock and crashed onto railroad tracks and was later apprehended while hiding in one of the Freeport Center buildings, police said.