The AMICUS Club of LDS Hospital Deseret Foundation recently released Salt Lakeopoly, a fund-raiser to support medical education and research.

The board game plays like Monopoly, but players will feel like they're on Salt Lake City property. Boardwalk and Park Place are replaced by more familiar-sounding names like Mrs. Field's cookies, Zion's First National Bank, Smith's Food and Drug and Red Lion Hotel."Chance" becomes "Surprise" as the spot for frequent-flyer bonuses, an invitation for warm cookies and Utah National Guard training.

Joining in support of the AMICUS project, Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis and Lt. Gov. Val Oveson signed Salt Lakeopoly proclamations. Utah celebrates Salt Lakeopoly Week through Sunday, Nov. 18. Salt Lake City heralded Salt Lakeopoly Day Tuesday, Nov. 13. AMICUS is a Latin word meaning friend.

Alan P. Collier, president of the 500-member AMICUS Club, urges everyone to go directly to Salt Lakeopoly for some hometown fun and benefit LDS Hospital medical programs.

Salt Lakeopoly, which sells for $19.95, will be available by Tuesday, Nov. 20, at retail outlets and the LDS Hospital gift shop. A substantial amount from each sale will go for medical research, Collier said. Call 321-1775 for more information.