A Caldwell mother of five has been sentenced to up to six years in prison in connection with the cocaine overdose death of her infant son.

Maria Reyes, 23, was sentenced Friday by 3rd District Judge Jim Doolittle after being convicted Oct. 17 of felony injury to a child. She could have faced a maximum sentence of 10 years, but will be eligible for parole in three.Her two-month-old son, Fabian, born addicted to cocaine, died in April at the Caldwell apartment Reyes and her teen-aged sister, Rosa, shared with the children. Hospital officials tried to avoid sending the baby directly home after birth. But communication broke down between county and state agencies. Fabian went home and in less than two months, he died.

His death was first attributed to sudden infant death syndrome. But further tests revealed the cocaine as such massive amounts that it overloaded Portland laboratory equipment.

Canyon County Prosecutor Richard Harris said the sentence was fair.

"Considering everything, a total of six years is an appropriate sentence," he said.

Defense attorney Debra Orr said Reyes should be given the chance to reform herself, and added she had not record of criminal convictions or physical abuse of her children.

"She is not highly intelligent," Orr said, "But she has potential employment capabilities. She may still be in the denial stage of addiction, but that can be resolved through intensive treatment."